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    Hey Gichard!  Unfortunately, InventoryLab has no control over where Amazon sends items.  We pick up the settings based on what you set in Seller Central to reflect that you have Amazon's Inventory Placement Service turned on within your account.  Then, when you're ready to create shipments, we make a call to Amazon through their MWS API in order for them to decide what warehouses the items will be routed to, and we can not manipulate or change the destinations at all in order to comply with them.

    Not at items are eligible for Inventory Placement, so you may still get split shipments even with it enabled in your Seller account.  For example, if you are listing items in different categories than you were previously, this could be a reason why you're seeing splits in destinations.  More information can be found on this page from Amazon.

    With that being said, something to keep in mind is that the destinations shown while on the List & Prep page with a batch in the Private Workflow are tentative and likely to change once you submit your batch and get to the Proposed FBA Shipping page.  That is when we make the call to Amazon and they send us the actual destinations for the items, so you may see less splits in destinations at that point.

    From there, if you find that you do not like the destinations on the Proposed FBA Shipping page, you can click  'Decline Shipments & Go Back' at the bottom of the page to be taken back to the List & Prep page with the batch.  (This option is only available prior to creating any of the proposed shipments.)

    Once you're back on the List & Prep page, you can wait a few minutes and try again to see if the splits are more to your liking.  You can also remove items if needed or wait to try again util you have additional items you'd like to add to the batch and ship before trying to create shipments again.

    I'm sorry that we don't have an easy answer for this, but I hope this info helps!

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