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Batch feed not all posting on amazon inventory

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    Hi there Krista! I just responded with a request for a bit more information on what might be your ticket, but if this is for a different account, please let us know via email so we can take a look.

    Without getting into the specifics of your account, take a look under List > Amazon Listing Errors to see if any errors have returned for your batch. For any items that received errors, such as restriction errors, they will become incomplete listings or not listed at all.

    If there aren't any, try restoring and resending the batch using the steps in the below articles:

    Restore a Batch

    Send Product Feeds Only - Private Batch


    If that doesn't help, reach back out to our email, or create a new ticket with your account email, batch ID, and example MSKUs and we'll take a look!

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