Maybe I just don't know how to do it...


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    Walter Julias

    Any respoinse at all from IL on these? 

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    Hi Walter, 

    Thank you for commenting, and apologies for not seeing this when it initially posted! 

    We are looking at ways to provide more information for the Supplier profitability report, so this has been added to the user suggestion currently in place. I have added the request about the Supplier Column or option to the Inventory Valuation report as well. 

    For the N/A list in Supplier Profitability, that could be sales for items no longer listed in your inventory. In order to find these transactions, navigate to the Accounting>FBA Sales page, click on the Advanced button and search for ALL by clicking on the button that defaults to "last 1 month" and changing to ALL. Once they have populated, export the report and then sort the file to group suppliers. You can then add in the suppliers to that .csv file and import it back into your sales page to correct this: 

    Bulk Import Accounting Details Into Sales

    For the supplier, make sure you use the Cost Per Order ID selection detailed in the above article as that is the only option that lets you change supplier. Also, make sure to take note of the red text for warnings about cost changes if you are going to update any costs.

    The Dashboard does allow you to set the time frame, in the upper right corner of that page: 

    For the Unlisted Inventory, you can add it there as inventory but then select it as Merchant or FBA when you add it into the batch (since the batch is set to either MFN or FBA when you create it). The Unlisted Inventory isn't classified either way, just tied to an Amazon listing or not when you add items there. The import feature though is a current suggestion so we have that on our list. 

    For the default selection, we have also forwarded that suggestion to our developers. But instead of default, have it remain as you set it until you change it. Much like on the List & Prep page when you set the search for Amazon +Unlisted Inventory, Amazon Only, or Batch only searches. 

    I hope that helps!

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