Allow editing of buy cost in the fba sales and merchant sales area

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    Hey Phong!  There was never an option to bulk edit this data directly on the main Accounting>FBA and Merchant Sales pages that I am aware, but you can import a .csv files to do this and help speed things up.  Here is additional information:

    Bulk Import Accounting Details into Sales via .csv

    There was an option the edit items in bulk from the Inventory>FBA and Merchant pages that was removed along with an update the those pages and how we handle replenished some time ago.  With that being said, we have passed back feedback from customers wanting this feature back to our developers for consideration.  If this is something that is able to be implemented again, we'll be sure to announce it in our Newsletter.

    In the meantime, you can click directly on the cost/unit, supplier and purchased dates field to get them, and also update items in bulk by importing a .csv file on these pages to help when you have multiple items to update. 

    Adding Individual Cost per Unit, Supplier, or Date Purchased Manually

    Bulk Import Accounting Details into Inventory via .csv

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