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Close batch before Amazon receives the shipment?

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    Hey Lorin!  When you complete the workflow for a batch, it will close automatically for you so you shouldn't need to close them manually.

    In the Private workflow, if Box Contents is OFF for the batch, clicking Complete Batch after creating your shipments finishes the workflow and the batch will close at that time.  If Box Contents is ON, you will see Enter Box Contents after creating shipments instead and you would need to click that to move on the box content page for the batch.  Once the box content information has been transmitted to Amazon for each shipment, the batch will close automatically.  The following articles have more information on this for Private Batches:

    Proposed FBA Shipments: Create Shipments – Private Workflow

    Getting Started: List, Pack, and Ship (Private batch)

    The end of the workflow for a Live batch will also differ depending on the Box Content setting for a batch.  More information on this can be found below:

    Completing a Batch - Live Workflow

    I hope this helps!  If you'd like us to take a look at your batch or troubleshoot within your account, please open a support ticket and we'll be happy to take a closer look for you.

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