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    Hey Tyler!  I see that you already chatted with us earlier about this, but I still wanted to leave some information here that may be helpful to anyone else running into this issue.

    If you're seeing that you are restricted from selling all items after scanning them in Scoutify 2, it may be related to the new User Interface changes in Seller Central.  We've heard from some customers who are getting incorrect restriction notifications when using the new interface.

    We are working on how to get around this but it might take some time but for now, switching back to the older interface should resolve this.  To switch back, go to the Inventory>Add a Product page in Seller Central on a desktop browser and you should see the option at the very bottom of the page to go back to the original.  Once that has been done, try logging out of Scoutify 2, log back in and into Seller Central to see if that corrects the issue. 

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