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    Hey Alan!  I know we just chatted but I wanted to leave some information here as well for anyone else with this question. :)

    InventoryLab will automatically pick up the settings based on what you set in Seller Central.  As long have you have turned on Inventory Placement Service in your Seller account prior to getting to the Proposed FBA Shipping page in the Private workflow, you should see the destinations update to reflect this once you get there and create your shipments.  The destinations shown while on the List & Prep page are tentative and likely to change even without IPS turned on.  More information on this can be found here- Tentative Destinations

    For the Live workflow, IPS would need to be turned on prior to adding items to the batch since working shipments are created in real time with that workflow.

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    Ariel Schochet

    From a time and workflow standpoint does IL view IPS as a real value to use?

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    Hello Ariel, the Inventory Placement Service is really just personal preference. Some users find it worth the additional cost to have most of their products sent to one location, while others choose to not ship smaller Shipments by Declining them (in a Private Workflow) or leaving the shipments in Working status (in a Live workflow) in the hopes their splits will be more favorable the next time they list the items.

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