Which Label Printers, Barcode Scanners, Digital Scales and Supplies Do You Recommend?


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    Peterson Sarr

    Im still researching on which one to go for as im in the uk
    The one i can afford is eyoyo....

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    Ariel Schochet

    IL, can you please confirm that the above label makers are the only dymo compatible? For example, I don’t think the Dymo DYM1768960 prints wide enough but can you please confirm. Also, can you confirm, is the XL the only only that can print FedEx and UPS labels through your interface and NOT possible with the Twin Turbo?

    Thank you.

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    Ariel Schochet

    On barcode scanner, I bought on amazon ASIN: B078SQ91FB over a year ago and couldn’t be more pleased with it. I literally barely remember having had to charge it more than once in blue moon. It was basically plug and use on both a iMac and windows 7,8 and 10 laptops. The sales page has all the various instructions which I never have needed. My only only only nitpick comment is that the usb plug to the computer can be misplaced easily as I use several computers. My solution is a strong rubber band affixed to the handle of the unit and I attach it to the ‘gun’ whenever switching so don’t misplace. Very strong recommendation and likely will but more as my business grows (once I figure out the Dymo questions).

    I think at end of the day there I’m going to get a 450 turbo and eventually an XL. While would prefer wireless, the wireless won’t print the wider shipping labels I don’t think. My ‘plan’ is to hard wire them both to my desktop which will act as a server if I permission the printers for use on my WiFi making them both essentially accessible throughout the office and from my iPad or phone as well.

    If I discover the twin turbo DOES allow for FedEx and UPS label printing then I’ll go that route but I called Dymo and the UK based csr was useless.

    In terms of labels, amazon has many bundles available cheaper than the printers alone and they also have many vendors selling off-brand labels of all sizes many with great number of positive reviews.

    Have also seen many new but open box available of all of the Dymo on eBay as well from sellers with high ratings too.

    On the scale, there I am not sure it’s worth it to even get as don’t really see how it would add such value but would love feedback to the contrary. I have a kitchen scale for small which was less than $10 and a regular bathroom type for larger boxes. If a digital usb scale also did dimensions easier I would def jump on that.

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    Hello! We do not currently print shipping labels through our platform so I am unsure of the exact models, but I believe you are correct that the regular Twin Turbo does not support the required shipping label size. It appears the largest size it supports is2 5/16" x 4.

    The DYM1768960 is also not supported at this time, as it uses different labels that are not included as part of our current label requirements. I have included a picture of the accepted label types below:



    Please feel free to let us know if we can help with anything else. :)

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