Crazy amount of shipments generated

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    Hi There Isaias,  I am sorry to hear you are running into an issue with this! Unfortunately we do not have any say in where your products are sent as this is controlled by Amazon.  That being said, you may find fewer warehouse locations when working in a Private Workflow. In a Private workflow we allow you to list all of your products and then ask Amazon where they would like you to send the items. In a Live workflow, we ask Amazon where they would like to send each item as you list in order to create shipments as you list. In addition, in a Private workflow if you have shipments with just 1-2 books you can always choose to decline them. After your batch is closed, navigate to the closed batch and click the check box next to each item you have not yet shipped then click Restore>New Batch. This will create a new batch with only the item not shipped allowing you to add more products in the hopes of more favorable warehouse splits. 



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