Inventory Lab + GoDaddy bookkeeping. Is this necessary?


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    Hi Lauri!  You should be able to get most of your accounting needs done without using Go Daddy unless there's some specific features that you need.  Some customers choose to use the Accounting>Other Expenses and Other Income areas of IL to help with this, but let's hope the community chimes in with their best practices. :)

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    Ariel Schochet

    Please chime chime in. I’m very much looking to reset my processes the ‘right’ ‘best’ way and struggling to separate the hype from the best set of offerings to use to be most efficient and not overspend.

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    Gem Tanzillo

    I'm coming up with this same issue. I have both IL and GoDaddy Bookkeeping. The difference for me is IL is a manual add; whereas GoDaddy pulls all of my associated accounts so all of my expenses are already listed as they occur. No math, no adding manually. Unless IL comes up with an option to link to bank accounts/cards to pull data- the time savings is immense. I pull my schedule C for tax time straight from godaddy. My Amazon account is already linked with those expenses/income.

    Any updates I should know of that would change my mind to exclusively use IL?

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    Hi Gem! We don't currently have concrete plans to link to bank accounts and cards to pull data, but we do have this in as a suggestion to our development team.

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