Multiple Users Working on the Same Batch


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    Hi Paul!  Do you mean that they are having to go back and change the Supplier information after adding items to the batch?  They should be able to enter the correct supplier name and accounting details while on the List & Prep page with the item, before clicking the Add to Batch button.



    Looking into your account, it appears that you have Supplier set to Default From Last Entry under Settings>Advanced Settings, so this may be causing some confusion if the supplier names are automatically populating in the field shown above.  You can uncheck that box under Advanced Settings and save the change if you would rather it not populate and just be blank going forward.  More details can be found here- Advanced Settings

    You also have the option of setting up your employees with sub accounts if you would like.  This would allow them to set some of their their own options, including default from last entry options- Employees - Adding Sub Accounts

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    Paul Miller

    Yes, that is correct.  We really like the setting to save the supplier from last entry, as it allows us to list an item in just one or two clicks.  I was hoping that there was a way to allow two people to do that at the same time as they build the same batch.  I'm guessing not?

    What about having them work on two different batches and then combining them before creating the shipment?  I've never used this feature, but doesn't something like this exist?


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    Hey There Paul,  the employees would need to be signed into separate sub accounts in order to use this "default from last" feature separately while listing at the same time. You have a couple option to have two separate batches and then combine shipments. A Live Workflow would combine these shipments automatically as they list, while a Private Workflow would allow you to "Add to working shipment"  if there was already one shipment created with the same settings and destination. That being said, having them list in two separate batches would still use the same default settings if logged into the same account.

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