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    Hey There Jacob, can you let us know what features of this interface you prefer? While we do not intend to copy their interface, but if there are specific features you would like to see included within Scoutify 2 we would be happy to pass the suggestion along to our Development Team. :)

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    Jacob Hultberg

    For example lets scan the following book:

    How to win any negotiation by Robert Mayer.

    upc 9781564 149203

    isbn 9781564149206

    ScoutIQ: I scan the barcode into the app, I see 4 rows : USED merchant fulfilled, USED fba, NEW merchant fulfilled, NEW fba. Now as a used book seller I am interested mainly in USED fba, however this info doesnt even show up BUT scoutiq makes it easy to access this LIVE info by hitting a single button which takes me to a page on amazon which displays ONLY used fba books.


    Scoutify: I scan the barcode into the app, it (needlessly) asks if I would like to select 1) the kindle version 2) the physical book version 3) the ebook version. please automate selection of a physical copy.

    More importantly though... once we select the physical copy we are taken to a page with 3 rows. NEW, USED, and FBA. In order to pull the FBA used price I have to hit "research" and then "prime" please add a toggle-able setting to pull and display USED FBA prices, perhaps with a little symbol indicating condition (such as acceptable, good, very good, like new, new, etc.) If you guys add this feature I will drop scout iq in a heartbeat as I use you guys for the inbound shipment creation. 

    I would appreciate a response when you are able to letting me know if you do indeed plan on adding this feature and at least an estimated time date on implementation.


    Thank you,


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    Hi Jacob!  I see what you mean and agree that showing results just for the physical copy would be beneficial!  Just to clarify, in addition to an easier way to see results for FBA Used, you'd like to see symbols to indicate what kind of Used, with the option to toggle those results?

    We're aways happy to pass any suggestions/requests on to our development team for consideration!  If they do decide to move forward with the suggestions, we're able to follow up with you via email at that time to let you know, as well.

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    Justin Cohen

    I agree with Jacob - Showing the kindle or ebook versions and forcing us to pick the physical copies has resulted in a serious slowdown to the process and in certain cases where we're humming along has resulted in us picking the wrong type and having to fix it later.  No one will ever be selling a kindle version so omitting them from the view or results would be a HUGE win for the app.

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