Any tips for transitioning from Excel to IL?

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    Hey There Tim,

    Now that you have imported your costs for your current inventory, this information should be reflected across InventoryLab's reports. 

    For the items that are no longer in-stock, you can update these costs by MSKU directly within the sales page. Since you already have an excel spreadsheet the simplest way to do this would be to copy/paste your MSKU and Cost information into a new Spreadsheet and import this under Accounting>Sales. Those steps can be found here

    You will only be able to update the past 60 days of sales data at this time. This is because as a Trial user we import all of your inventory and the past 60 days of Sales reports. Once you have subscribed you will have the option to sync and update your historical data. This is also the reason you are seeing a discrepancy on the units sold, you have sold 13 of these units according to the past 60 days of Sales reports. Once you import historical data these numbers should match what you have recorded in Excel. 

    I hope this helps but feel free to open a case with support if you have any other account specific questions. :)



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