Sales receipts


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    I hear you, Rodney! I have passed this suggestion on to our development team :)

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    Pamela DeLong

    Better yet, integrate with other accounting software like Xero and QB, and upload the documents to their respective "documents" areas.

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    Hi Pamela!  Although we do not currently integrate directly with Quickbooks or Xero, our development team is looking into these to see if we're able to offer these integrations in the future as they have been highly requested. :)

    In the meantime, all of our reports are able to be exported as .csv files.  If QB or Xero allows you to import such files, you could potentially import your IL sales, P&L, expenses, income, etc. so that may be an option to try.

    You may use the Export button anywhere available to save reports to your computer as a .csv, just be sure you have changed the view of the report to the dates you need before exporting.  Depending on which report you're viewing, the date can be changed in the upper right corner by clicking either the View or Advanced Search button.

  • I'd like to clarify that my request (and I suspect that of the original poster) is less about syncing costs between Inventory Lab and accounting applications (although, that *would* be fantastic!) and is more about being able to upload scans of our receipts/invoices (PDFs, etc.) to Inventory Lab that then can be synced to the document repository of QuickBooks and Xero. This would eliminate the need to upload them in two places and but still make them available in each.

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    Hey There Pamela, thanks for the clarification! I'll be sure to pass this feedback along. 

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