Can't add or update unit costs and purchase locations anymore.

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    Hi Susie!  We did make some adjustments to the main inventory page to help with replenishment management and sent an email detailing the changes- you can check them out here if you'd like

    Previously, the costs displayed on the main inventory page were the first cost entered unless manually edited.  Even this manual editing did not update the cost properly if there were replenishments of the item.  This page now displays the active cost for on-hand items.  

    If you are listing directly through Seller Central and your items are still in transit to Amazon, or are inactive/out of stock, you will not see an Active Cost on this main inventory page.  For now, it is still accounted for and can be viewed by clicking on MSKU link to get to the Sub MSKU page, which will allow you to edit any costs by clicking directly on the cost/unit.

    Once the item is in stock, you will see the Active Cost reported on the main inventory page. To edit these, click on the Active Cost/Unit field to update.  This will take you directly to the Sub MSKU page for you to edit manually. Enter the new Cost/Unit (and any other editable info on the page) and then save the change. 

    Our development is making some adjustments so that the active cost for items out of stock will at least show the previous cost that was active, so please lookout for these changes soon.  To enter costs in bulk, you can still import costs for items that haven't been replenished with these steps - Adding Cost per Unit, Supplier, and Date Purchased in Bulk

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