Batches, Shipping to FCs

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    Hi Donald! There are a couple of ways you can handle adding in your replenishments to ship in. While you currently can't select items and create a batch right from the inventory page (we have a suggestion in for this to our dev team for review), a fast method to do so would be to create your own buy list with your replenishments to import them into a batch in bulk. In this way, you can also make any necessary changes to your accounting and listing information for your replens if needed. Additionally, when regularly listing in a batch, you can search by the FNSKU of your items to directly add the correct MSKU if you do not want to search by ASIN and choose the 'Use' button to use a previous MSKU.

    While listing regularly, you have easier print options as well. You can change your settings to have your printer automatically print a label when you add it to the batch or make quantity edits. To go even further, you can list in Live mode, where you can replenish an item to a batch, have the label print automatically, have a shipment created right while listing, and have your listing automatically assigned to a box. This way you can effectively list, label, and pack a shipment. 

    It really depends on your workflow needs, and we are always open to suggestions on how we can improve!

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