Unit costs have mostly been wiped out since last IL update!


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    Hey John!  The main inventory page displays only the Active inventory and the associated cost, supplier, and purchase date, currently.  If you click on the MSKU under Inventory>FBA for an item to take you to it's Sub MSKU page, you should still see each sort sequence for items that have been replenished.  (This includes Inactive listings which do not show active buy costs on the main inventory page.)

    With that being said, we do have a case open with our development to display the last active cost for Inactive inventory on the main page and will update you via your support ticket when we have more information.

    Your P&L should also remain accurate since it pulls this data from the sales pages, which pull their information from the inventory & Sub MSKU pages just as they did before the update. If you're still feeling that things are askew, please respond to your support ticket with example MSKUs missing costs and we'll be happy to investigate further for you.

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    Charles Hammer

    This is bad.....  active cost is simple a formula.   live inventory * cost.      We need to be able to see costs on reports.  The cost has been scrubbed from reports.   Please put it back.

    This really fouls up seeing which items need a cost import.     Please show me how to run a report that will show every item that does not have a cost (active or not).   inbound are not active.   sold but no cost entered are not active.  Both still need a cost.

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    Hi Charles, in case you missed it, this is included in the ticket to our development team. We'll be sure to reach out to you once this has been has been resolved!

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