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    UPDATE: the Amazon MWS issues have been resolved according to their status page. You should be able to work on your batch and shipments without any of those strange errors.

    Please open a support ticket if you run into any more issues, or have any questions or concerns.

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    Duncan Macfarlane

    I do too.  Can't list anything for the 3rd time in the past few weeks.  Wow.

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    Mitch Abrams

    Same here.


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    Jennifer Kuppinger

    I keep getting this error message as well. 

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    Charles Renshaw

    Same problem here too. Lot's of issues lately :(

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    Sherry Fouts

    I have the same issue

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    Stephanie Mauro

    Having the same issue wityh the same error


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    Hey everyone!  Unfortunately, Amazon's MWS is having issues at the moment according the MWS Health Dashboard, located here: http://status.mws.amazon.com/

    We don't have a timeline for this to be resolved as they are investigating the issue now.  We're reaching out to their MWS team to see if we can get some more information on how soon we can expect a resolution and waiting for a response.

    You can monitor the status at the above link but we will be posting a message within the app and to this post once it is resolved, as well.

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