Cannot print with Dymo 4XL printer


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    Hey Jim!  Sorry to hear you've been having trouble printing!

    If you're running Print Setup the standard way, please make sure that the Dymo icon is in your computer's system tray or top menu for Mac.  You can click on it and select "Diagnose" to test the connection with Dymo's web service and your browser by allowing it open a test page.  If all is well, you should see a "Congratulations" message open in your browser- please be sure it is opening in the same browser you are using for InventoryLab.  Once you see that, try running through Print Setup once more in your IL account.

    If you do not see a Dymo icon with a diagnose option at all, the steps in the following article should be bring it up- My DYMO Icon Has Disappeared


    If you're having issues printing the standard way and would like to try IL Print, I will leave links to video walkthroughs below to help with this as well.  It is not reliant on Dymo's web service so it will bypass those types of issues.

    Install a Printer Using IL Print (Windows OS)

    Install a printer using IL Print (Mac OS)

    If none of this does the trick, please open a ticket with support and include the type of computer you are using (Windows or Mac) and which browser and we'll be happy to continue troubleshooting from within your account.

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    janny watson

    My printer is the standard way and the solution that provided by you help me more in this, someone suggest me to try Hp Support for the solution but this not helps me more in this, there I get more problem solutions but not for this.

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    Hi Janny - are you saying that you have an HP printer that you are trying to set up? I don't see that your IL account is set up yet, but currently, you're only able to print labels using a thermal label printer (DYMO, Brother, Zebra). What you can do is print your labels for your shipments in Seller Central. Just follow our 30-up labels guide!


    If you are having other issues, please feel free to reach out via ticket or live chat so we can further assist.

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