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    Hi Warren, 

    I answered your case in our support portal but I'll add the instructions here in case anyone else has selected Live when they meant to select Private when creating the batch. 

    To change the live batch to a private, without relisting all of the items in a new batch, all you have to do is manually close the live batch and then restore it from the List>Closed Batches page. When you do this, restored batches are always restored as Private. Once that is done, you can continue to list and create your shipments at the end of the process. 

    You will also have to delete your shipments created from the Live batch as you will be creating new ones once you restore the batch. Go to seller central and navigate to the Inventory>Manage FBA Shipments page and delete them from the shipping que. You will have to click on the Work on Shipment button for each, but scroll down to the bottom of the page once you do and you will see the delete option. 

    Once those are deleted, come back to Stratify (the desktop application usually called InventoryLab) and click on the Sync Shipments button in the Working Shipments area of the List>Open Batches page if they are still displayed. 

    Full disclosure, Warren figured this out before I replied to him so he didn't need the help and he saved himself  :-)


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