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    Hi Pandora!  Sorry to hear this is giving you trouble.  Based on our logs, it looks like you may be Chrome on Windows, so let's check a few things to see if we can pinpoint the cause.

    First, please try taking the steps in the following article to disable Chrome's TLS to see if that does the trick- DYMO Not Working With Chrome Update: Solution


    If that doesn't work, please check to see that the Dymo icon is in your computer's system tray.  Depending on your version of Windows, you may need to click an arrow to display all the items.

    Click on the DYMO icon and select Diagnose from the menu.

    Click on Yes to allow the Dymo Label Web Service to open the test page and then you should see the following message once the page opens. 

    Note:  Make sure you see this message in your Chrome browser if you are trying to print from Chrome- if may open in a different browser depending on what is set as your computer's default.

    If you do NOT see this Dymo icon with an option to Diagnose in your system tray, try the steps on this page to bring it up again- My DYMO Icon Has Disappeared

    Once the icon is there, please take the steps above to Diagnose Dymo's Web Label service once more to make sure it is communicating and opening in Chrome, then run through Print Setup in InventoryLab once more under Settings>Print Settings.

    Hopefully, this does the trick, but please feel free to reach out to us directly in Support with more information on the web browser and computer you're using so we can troubleshoot with you.

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