Shipping issues


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    Hi Kurt - we responded to your ticket on this yesterday, so when you get a chance please provide us with the requested information so that we may continue to troubleshoot. 

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    kurt seubert

    I appreciate your response, but I do not know what information you requested.  Will you please send that again.  Thank you

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    Hi Kurt, 

    The issue was the ship from address you had listed for the batch. When we tried to verify it through UPS, it gave a different state for that address. You can fix that in the Shipping Que in Seller Central by going to that shipment page and under the Ship From address there is a link to ship from another address. Change it to the correct state and that should fix this for you. You can also fix the Shipping Information in IL to remove that wrong address by clicking on your name in the upper right corner, select Settings, and then Shipping Information. Delete the incorrect address and then edit the correct one and select it as the default or primary ship from address in the mask, then save. 

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