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    Aleksandr Uraevskiy

    In another example. How to fix it?

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    Hey Aleksandr! Looking into your account, these sales are currently in Estimated status so they will show the accurate fees once they have been Reconciled.

    The Amazon API (the system 3rd parties are approved to communicate with) has a limitation when it comes to categories that contain subcategories. This can result in inaccurate fees being provided initially. To ensure there is no confusion, we place orders that have a possibility of being affected by this limitation in an Estimated status when you look at your sales.

    Within 48 hours of your settlement period closing with Amazon, we will use the settlement reports provided by them to update all of your sales with the exact fees billed by Amazon for each order. At this time, we will change the order status to show as Reconciled.

    For more information on this topic, please take a look at the following support articles:

    What does the Profit Status (Estimated or Reconciled) Mean?

    What Does InventoryLab Track Automatically and When?

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