April Release Notes- Updated 04/27/2018


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    kimberly coghlan

    Sounds like an awesome update! I can't wait to take it for a test drive.

    This part is *almost* awesome: 

    • Users will now have the option to “Replenish All” if more than two items are being replenished while importing a Buy List.

    Please, please tell me we also have the option to "Ignore All and Create New Mskus"? I'm pushing that button 100 times/day, and it's 3 separate clicks each time.

    And it breaks my heart that I still can't print fnsku labels on demand by scanning a upc. I NEED this function for my workflow.

    Nonetheless, we love you, and we forgive you for not giving us everything we want, exactly when we want it. :)

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    Hi Kimberly! Thanks for the feedback.  I just added that in to also do Ignore All! I can see how that would be equally frustrating. 

    As for the UPC suggestion you gave, I definitely included your workflow needs in that one, so it should give better insight on the importance of it! 

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    TJ Griffin

    This update has some great features! Do you know when the storage fee projections will reflect Amazon's fee updates?

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    Hey There TJ, I just updated these Release Notes to reflect changes released last night. This includes updates to the Storage Fee Projections as well as updates for Amazon's Fee updates. :)

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    kimberly coghlan

    I just reread this and realized all over again how many things got better with this update. Great job! Here are some of the happiest parts for me and my team:

    • Users will now have the option to print labels automatically when increasing quantities. This can be found under Settings>Print Settings. (YES!!!)
    • While importing a Custom Buy List, the only required columns are ASIN, List Price, and Quantity.
    • All available columns are now sortable within our platform, simply click on the arrows next to each header to sort this information accordingly. (Is this TRUE? I need to go try it NOW!)
    • While utilizing the Scan-to-Pack Box Content feature an error sound will occur if an incorrect barcode label is scanned. (OK, we actually don't use the Box Content inside IL any more, but this would have been super helpful when we did!)


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