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    Hi Rory,

    This message is just informing you that you chose to use the MWS to provide your box content information, so you can't choose any of the other options in Seller Central. Amazon has changed the wording of the message that was there previously and it has caused some confusion.

    When you submit your feeds through InventoryLab, we send this data using the MWS API via the feed that they mention in this message (_POST_FBA_INBOUND_CARTON_CONTENTS_). 

    We have been in contact with Amazon in the hopes that they can make this message a bit less alarming for our users.

    When your Box Contents are successfully transmitted to Amazon, you'll see a green confirmation message after transmitting the feeds. If there were any errors that needed to be addressed, you would see a red box with the error message(s) at that point.

    I was also able to verify that all of the Box Content feeds submitted within your account recently were transmitted and accepted by Amazon without issue. :)

    Also, if your box content went through successfully, you should have the number of boxes for that shipment automatically displayed so you in Seller Central so you can input the dimensions for each one.

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    Adrian Aycock

    I’m having this same issue this evening. It isn’t displaying the box count in seller central.


    You have chosen to provide box content information through Amazon Marketplace Web Services feeds API. Please upload box content information via _POST_FBA_INBOUND_CARTON_CONTENTS_. If you prefer to provide box content information in Seller Central, set IntendedBoxContentsSource to a value other than FEED.

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    Hey Adrian!  I'm sorry you were running into issues. It looks like there was a delay in feeds last night, but just in case, I resent the box content feeds for your working shipments using the steps in the following article and they were successful- How to Resend Your Box Content Information

    If you're still seeing issues in Seller Central, please open a support ticket with us and we'll continue troubleshooting within your account.

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