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    Hi there, Michael! Thanks for reaching out. 

    Amazon does not put your unsellable refunds into stranded inventory. Inventory becomes stranded when there isn't an active listing associated with it while the item is at a fulfillment center. There is a Stranded Inventory Report that you can view within your account in Seller Central that will provide you with a list of any stranded items.  More information on Stranded inventory can be found HERE

    As for your refunds, it is possible that your unsellable returns will be added back to your inventory so that you can submit a removal order to get the item back. At that point, you can change the disposition to Sellable if you find that the item can be sold again. Then you will re-list it in InventoryLab as normal to have it added back to your inventory and counted as your on-hand quantity once more! 

    Tracking refunds can be a bit tricky as it depends on the disposition and whether or not Amazon adds the item back to your inventory or provides you with a cash reimbursement instead. Take a look at our support article on Refunds for some great information. 


    If you have a specific order ID that you would like assistance with, please reach out to our Customer Champions at support@Inventorylab.com and we'd be happy to take a look! 

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    Michael Morejon

    Thank you Meg, very helpful! Yes I actually do that, once I get the item back if it's fine it goes back to amazon. THank you for explaining everything.

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