Box contents transmitted incorrectly!

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    Hello, Johnny! I'm so sorry you experienced that issue with the boxes being out of order for your shipment - that is due to a known bug on Amazon's end wherein the boxes' numbers are not retained after converting the shipment to the Send to Amazon workflow. They've confirmed with us they're aware of the bug but have not released a timeline for when it will be fixed.

    If you experience that issue, you can use the following workaround until Amazon resolves the bug: Boxes Out of Order on Shipping Labels When Using Send to Amazon

    However, if you would like to bypass the issue altogether, you may now choose to complete your shipments entirely in Stratify (InventoryLab's desktop application), all the way through purchasing shipping and printing your shipping labels! Currently, this is available for SPD partner carrier shipments, but our team is working on releasing an update to support non-partnered carrier shipments as well as LTL shipments.

    For help with completing your shipments in Stratify using feeds, here is an article that will walk you through the new process: Providing Box Content Using Feeds -> Complete Shipment in Stratify


    If you have any questions or issues with completing your shipments, please feel free to reach out to us at and we'd be glad to take a closer look :)

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