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    Hi there, Walter! 

    Thank you so much for reaching out and for providing such insightful feedback! 

    Some of your suggestions, specifically the ability to add sales from other platforms and track disposals for items kept locally, are already available within InventoryLab! The Other Income page can be used to add sales information for items sold outside of Amazon, and the Unlisted Inventory page can help track disposals of local inventory. :) 

    You are not alone in wanting the capability to get a list of items that fall under each Supplier in the Supplier Profitability Report! This suggestion is already open to our development! Each user suggestion is reviewed by our product and development team to see if it fits within our roadmap to be added either as a new feature or an enhancement to an existing feature. 

    I'm going to reach out to you in a separate email to provide you with more details on some of your other suggestions so that our team can look at these as well.

    Keep an eye on your inbox. :) 

    Thank you again for your feedback!

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    Walter Julias

    I did recieve your email and I appreciate the information you provided. To make things more clear, and for transparency with other users, I would like to respond here: 

    1. The option mentioned was to use two different features for recording other sales - Other Income and Other Expenses. This is a multi-step, inefficient process. This requires putting in data for the same transaction twice, and without the granularity that should be a feature of a business tracking software solution, and it only provides part of what is needed. 
    There should be a section for inputting a sale from another platform that will ultimately end up showing on the Accounting - Merchant Sales screen and allow for all the same information to be recorded. At a minimum recording a sale should include the following information provided via manual input: 

    • Sales date
    • Marketplace
    • Order Number
    • ASIN sold (selected from a search bar) - this will provide the cogs from the current batch in inventory and record the unit being removed from inventory from the correct chronological location.
    • Item Price
    • Shipping Paid by Customer
    • Tax
    • Other Fees
    • Net

    The biggest feature from this is the CORRECT method for tracking inventory sold. The offer currently suggested by IL is to simply remove one inventory item from your purchase record in order to keep your inventory reconciled correctly, which again is NOT a good method as described previously. Second, this can help to consolidate income and fees apples-to-apples in the P&L report. The fees could be done as an "+add fee to this transaction" where you would categorize each one, as needed, in a single record. This is an essential function for managing inventory and sales for a business.

    2. Not currently available, but you will bring it up with the team. Appreciated. 

    3. Response "For items kept within your local inventory, you can track disposals using the Unlisted Inventory page. This can be done by manually removing the quantity of an item from Unlisted Inventory and using the Adjustment Note to indicate that the removal is due to a disposal or product rotation. More information on this process can be found here."

    Again, this suggestion is a multi step process -

    • first you have to open your MFN inventory and reduce the amount available from a purchase
    • then open unlisted inventory and add that same amount back into this inventory, remembering to use all the same dates and suppliers and COGS
    • then make an adjustment in the ledger.

    This should be something like a button on the Disposition Manager - "Inventory Disposal" which automatically makes the transfer between inventories and attaches the notes in a single step. This could also be built into the sales suggestion in step 1 where you could select from Marketplaces you have set, including MFN Inventory, and do the process from there. 

    4. Not currently available, but will recommend to the team. Appreciated. 

    5. Not currently available, but already a suggestion. 

    6. Response "this would not likely be something we would pursue mainly due to how this could lead to discrepancies in the case that Amazon recategorizes an item and the system has no way to automatically update it." That is understood, but then there should be a means to have "Amazon Category" and "Seller Category". I sell games and toys - they are CONSTANTLY not categorized correctly. I need my own method to be able to make categories for reporting purposes. Tags could be the way to go if you tag items with categories, but that still needs a report made based on tags. 

    7. Tag reports  - covered above


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    Hi again, Walter! 

    Thanks again for your feedback! I will bring your new suggestions and clarifications back to our team for review. :) 

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