FBM Return - Best Practices Question

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    Hey there! Once we get the settlement reports that include this refund information, you will see it displayed in your Refunds and Disposition Management page as a reflection of each other, in Refunds for informational purposes to see the transaction information, and in the Disposition Management page so you can decide once you get it returned to you, if the item is really Sellable or Unsellable.

    Since it will be Sellable, you will make sure it is marked as such and you will receive a cost/unit credit.

    When you are ready to re-list it, you will not receive a +1 inventory amount because we don't know for sure that it's going back in your inventory. What you will do instead is re-list it (I suggest through a batch in InventoryLab so that the quantity is automatically re-entered into you Inventory replenishment pages) using the same accounting information as before. I hope that helps!

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