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I am in the New York area but exclusively get assigned Washington State Fulfilment Centers... Is there a fix?

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    Hi there! Thanks for reaching out! Unfortunately, we have no control over how Amazon splits your items. Distributed Inventory Placement is Amazon policy and we can not manipulate that or instruct ways to do so in order to comply with them.


    InventoryLab will automatically pick up the settings based on what you set in Seller Central. Within your FBA account settings, you can choose from the following options:


    • Distributed Inventory Placement (default setting): During the shipment creation process, Amazon will determine the distribution of your inventory among one or more Amazon fulfillment centers. This may include multiple shipments for products with the same SellerSKU.


    • Inventory Placement Service: During the shipment creation process, all quantities of a single SellerSKU (MSKU) will be assigned to a single Amazon fulfillment center determined by Amazon. In addition, subject to certain exceptions, most Standard-Size products will be combined into the same shipment. A per-unit service fee will apply.


    For inventory placement, which is where you pay a per item fee and send the eligible items to one fulfillment center (not all items are eligible for this so you may still get split shipments), you can find out how to sign up along with how it all works on this page from Amazon.


    I hope this helps! Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any more questions or concerns.

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