Box Content - assign Input by barcode scanner not working - just says 'listening'

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    Hi Antonio,

    Sorry this is happening!  We just sent a reply to your ticket on this issue, but I will also leave the response here as well in case it is helpful for anyone else running into this.

    After you scan an item for box content in Stratify, could you please try tapping the Enter or Return key on your keyboard to see if that registers the scan and assigns the item to a box?  Do you also have to tap this key when adding items to a batch?

    If this works, it could mean that the scanner isn't programmed to send the carriage return or 'enter' command after the scan.  Most scanners have this option as a setting, but you would want to check the manufacturer's documentation for it to see if they have this feature.

    I hope this helps!  If this doesn't seem to be the issue, please let us know and we will continue to troubleshoot.

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